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San Jose’s Local Transmission Shop Since 1963

Leale's Auto Repair and Transmission started as a San Jose transmission shop back in 1963. Today, we continue to offer expert transmission services alongside general auto repairs and vehicle maintenance. As much as anything, we’re problem-solvers at Leale's, and that obsession with getting to the root of a problem and finding the best answer helps makes us excellent at transmission diagnostics, transmission repairs, and transmission rebuilds. Read on for more about our transmission services and signs you have a transmission problem.

Our Transmission Services for San Jose Drivers

At Leale's Auto Repair and Transmission, we specialize in transmission repair and services for cars and trucks, both import and domestic. Our technicians know all about the latest transmission control systems (as well as older ones), and we understand how to weed out any external problems—such as electrical issues or sensors—that can seem like a bad transmission. This means when you bring your vehicle to Leale’s for a transmission problem, you’ll never pay for a new transmission unless you really need one.

When it comes to auto transmissions, we do it all!

  • 4x4 Transmissions
  • All-Wheel Drive Transmissions
  • Automatic Transmissions
  • Clutch Repair & Service
  • CVT Transmissions
  • Diesel Transmissions
  • Drivetrain Repair
  • Manual Transmissions
  • Rebuilt Transmissions
  • Replacement Transmission
  • Transfer Case Repair
  • Transmission Adjustment
  • Transmission Coolers
  • Transmission Diagnostics
  • Transmission Flush
  • Transmission Reseal

Signs Your Transmission Needs Work

The only way to truly tell whether your transmission needs work is to get a thorough transmission diagnostic. That said, there are several factors and warning signs to pay attention to when it comes to your vehicle’s transmission. For example, if it’s been 15,000-60,000 miles since your oil filter has been replaced, you may need a transmission fluid and filter replacement. As far as warning signs go, bring your vehicle to Leale's for a transmission diagnostic if your vehicle refuses to go into gear, or you’re experiencing “hard” shifting or gear slipping while driving. You may also feel your clutch “dragging” or not allowing you to go into gear.

Another symptom of a transmission problem is the slightly sweet smell of burning transmission fluid. In addition, you may see the fluid leak—transmission fluid is red in color. On the noise front, the transmission may be loud while in neutral, or you may hear a grinding, whining, banging, or humming noise. You could also experience some shaking, and your check engine light may come on.

Call Leale's When Your Transmission Is Giving You Trouble

If you’re looking for a transmission shop in San Jose, give Leale’s Auto Repair & Transmissions a call. We’re your auto service champions!

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