Hybrid Transmission Repair in San Jose

Is your hybrid car, SUV or truck acting up? Leale's Auto Repair is your trusted partner for the highest quality hybrid automotive repairs in San Jose. We offer a complete range of repair and maintenance services for your hybrid vehicles. Particularly, when it comes to transmission repair, we strive to provide the best service to keep your vehicles operating at peak performance.

Hybrid cars are loved for their fuel efficiency, fewer emissions, improved performance and overall longevity. As they continue to gain popularity, it's important to note that not all auto service shops have the experience or expertise to repair or have them serviced. 

Fortunately, we not only have highly skilled and knowledgeable mechanics to carry out the repairs but also carry the latest tools, equipment and quality parts to deliver superior service. From transmission fluid to repairs and rebuilds, we have it all covered. You can trust your hybrid vehicle is in good hands when you bring it to Leale's Auto Repair and Transmission in San Jose. 

Does Your Hybrid Need Transmission Repair Service?

Just as in regular vehicles, a hybrid transmission system plays a critical role in transferring the power from the engine to the wheels to make them spin. Additionally, it reduces the vehicle's speed when you apply the brakes and helps with charging the battery. Without a functional transmission, your vehicle will not move, and that's why it's important to stay ahead with a preventive maintenance service.

Some of the common signs that indicate you need transmission service include:

  • Slipping transmission, especially while climbing or descending significant hills. 
  • Leaking fluid - A puddle of red, transparent fluid on your driveway is another obvious sign. 
  • Grinding or squealing noises as your car shifts are often indicative of low transmission fluid levels. 
  • Your car pops out of gear or experiences erratic shifting in automatic transmissions. 
  • Delayed shifting - When your car seems to rev higher than normal between shifts. 
  • A distinct burning smell in your vehicle, usually a sign that the transmission fluid is overheating. 

It is imperative to have any of these signs of a transmission problem checked by a professional to avoid further, costly repairs. As your trusted specialists in hybrid transmission repairs in San Jose, we will carefully inspect your transmission to assess its current condition and look for damaged areas, leaks and complete all repairs. If your transmission has failed, we will perform a rebuild or replacement and get you back on the road with a functioning system that can effectively switch gears. We also check your transmission fluid and service you with a complete transmission flush or fluid change. 

Let us help with all your hybrid transmission repair needs in San Jose. Contact us at (408) 286-5350.